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Originally Posted by i see you
i live in alberta so it would be kinda hard for me to break legs. btw i tried them and due to the fact that AA isnt registered as a BBB member they wont blink at the sit. i tried pay pal as well, again nothin. even my mastercard ouldnt lift a finger. i dont see why they cant just take money out of the account that it went into right ? but what i was thinkin was....... just go into his house and start takin stuff. i mean from the threads i ve read people do know where he lives. he has our money and wont give it back.......take from him what is owed. i have always lived by "an eye for an eye. sure money is money, but its OUR money. there has to be somethin that can be done. i just hope that this phone busters can. does neone have ne cruise missles that i could borrow ?
Since that thread a while back about free long distance with Skype, that leaves the number to trace back to as 0001234567 I believe, why not just get the ASC community of 12,000 to call his house with different soundboards at insane hours of the night?

Even if he doesn't pick up, if he's got a girlfriend or wife, she'll be kicking his ass to make an effort to stop the calls.

Anyway... Good luck with the money! Keep at it... don't let 12 years of Liberal rule stop you from getting your money!
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