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i live in alberta so it would be kinda hard for me to break legs. btw i tried them and due to the fact that AA isnt registered as a BBB member they wont blink at the sit. i tried pay pal as well, again nothin. even my mastercard ouldnt lift a finger. i dont see why they cant just take money out of the account that it went into right ? but what i was thinkin was....... just go into his house and start takin stuff. i mean from the threads i ve read people do know where he lives. he has our money and wont give it back.......take from him what is owed. i have always lived by "an eye for an eye. sure money is money, but its OUR money. there has to be somethin that can be done. i just hope that this phone busters can. does neone have ne cruise missles that i could borrow ?
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