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hey people, i have had a run in with cory as well. i paid for a g36 that AA showed as being in stock and never got it. after 2 weeks i get an email that says its on back order. thats fine right? the g36 is a kick ass gun. when i talked to him on the phone he said that the back order was a big wait and that he would give me a bunch of extras for not cancellin my order. after 3 months and nothin from him i wanted my money back. he said that he had a p90tr in stock. so i said that would work. after months of sendin emails when it failed to arrive he sends me an email sayin that "its stuck at the border and doesnt look good." at this point i demand my money back and he tells me that i will get it when he gets the p90 from customs and that i put my money at risk when i buy over the net. in august it will have been a year of fightin with him. his phone has been disconnected and doesnt responed to nemore emails. i have taken this to the rcmp. they gave me a phone # to call. phone busters @ 1-888-495-8501. the rcmp said that this place is strictly for online fraud. i have filed a complaint and they seem like they can do somethin. now i know that none of us may get our money back, but if "cory" gets more than his hand slapped i think that would be good enough for me. if ne of you call my case file is #395021. maybe if all of us who have been screwed by "cory" make files with phone busters somethin in our favor will happen. hope this novel that i have writen can help. :salute:
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