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Mike.. I know you haven't been around long, so I'm going to give you the condensed low down about fields.

1) There are, on avg, 3-5 people each year on ASC talking about setting up a field, retrofitting a building, or getting ahold of various locations for airsoft use.

2) Out of these, perhaps one ever year or two ends up becomming anything more than a pipe dream.

3) If you're serious about this, don't just come on ASC with the 'idea' and start asking 'what you should do'. You go and get permission. Get access to the field. Insure it through making yourself liable, or getting a policy. Lay out a plan. And then, just start doing it. The population is always here, and always ready to take advantage of any venue offered. But they DON'T enjoy having their chain yanked, or their hopes dashed. You say 'field construction: x date, y location. Come help'. You don't say 'so I think I have a field what should we do with it?'

Just a heads up.

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