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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle
I don't get why the first thing people ask is "can you build structures on it?" What is wrong with a natural woodland field?

There are lots of places to get your FIBUA fix. Flagraiders, TTAC3.

All structures do in a field is make fixed camping spots. We don't have the appropriate weapons to deal with structures.. so they invariably become pillboxes.

An open woodland with variable terrain offers much more variety in engagment, and fewer invunerable camping spots. And requires greater skill to be successful.

Don't get me wrong I love CQB.. but I also love being in the field..

There is nothing better than the hightened stress that comes from being in the woods .. looking for the enemy.. and you have no clue where they are...
Well, I think it's because the lack of urban warfare terrain in Canada. A lot of peaple did see Black Hawk Down and they want to have a scenario like that.

well myself to I like the Black Hawk Down kind of scenario. Try to build a small city with wide street but a lot of cover. So that you still need to use a large assault rifle because of the range between the house. That's also a Sniper dream because of the multiple high ground with cover. And it's a real tactical puzzle. For exemple if you have a MG nest in front of you, the MG got the advantage because he don't need a wide arc to put an effective surpressing fire. So you have to think a way to take down the MG without being hit by that MG. So it's more trilling in some way.
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