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T-SHIRT CONTEST - Win your KS2 admission!

The contest:
Come up with a shirt design that will be sold to airsoft players from
all over canada attending the Keystone event.

The prize:
Free admission to KS2.5!

the details:
The design will be printed on OD shirts.
You can design an image for any of the 3 choices.
1) left front breast and full back
2} full front
3} full back

Design requirements and limitations (designs not meeting these
requirements will be automatically rejected):
-resolution must be at least 180dpi and no more than 300dpi
-images must be actual size, they should not have to be enlarged for production.
-in CMYK
-vector images are engouraged
-no gradients
-you may use 2 colours or less
-designs are to be printed on OD shirts
-images may not exceed a canvas size of 11" x 17"
-shirt must say "Operation: Keystone 2006", "Manitoba Airsoft
Association" or "MAA"

how to submit your work:
-send a 72dpi CMYK image in .jpeg format to
calvin (at)
-put in the subject line
design keystone contest
-in the body include your full name, age, and ASC screen name.

The winner will be required to supply their full-res artwork in
unflattened photoshop format, freehand format or illustrator format.

closing date is June 25th
Winner to be announced July 3rd

All images submitted will be the property of the Manitoba Airsoft
Association, and can be used at their discretion.

Any money from the sales of shirts will be used for current and future
Op: Keystone events.

*shirts will sell for approx $15 each
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