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Originally Posted by Greylocks
Yes, concessions ARE made, and that is exactly what they refuse to read. Did you read them?
Of course I read them. I learned about Airsoft when I was 16. Learned I was too young (My family still hates the idea), and had almost forgot about it. I didn't start playing until I was 20 (Was also a money issue I suppose). I definitely agree with you about retarded kids though. They piss me off as much as anyone else. And if I had my way, I've said it before and will again, It'd be a mandatory 18+ sport. You'd get ID'd at the door/gate like a bar, and at the shop as though you were buying cigarettes. All I was asking in my first post/s was not to flame bobthemonky too much since he did read and obey (at least so far as my knowledge).
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