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Shit, you want my opinion.

My name is Adam von Tettenborn (I KNOW I'm the only one with that name), and I live at 630 Sabrina Rd SW Calgary. You show up at my house for some reason, if you got my name/address off of ASC, I'll probably invite you in for a beer. If you have poor intentions...well, I pity the person who tries to break into my house. Far too many times, I've been trying to find someone at a game, and since many of the players don't frequent ASC (and some don't even know about it, heaven forbid) I ask around for someone's screen name/callsign, and no one has any clue who the hell I'm talking about. If you came to a Calgry game and started asking around for Fluffy, there's about four people out of several hundred who would know who you were looking for. Also, If I've known someone for weeks/months/whatever as a callsign, and then meet him and get introduced, I'll forget his name within minutes. It's kind of embarassing to HAVE to call someone by a name they only use here because you don't remember their real name.

Either way, I'll blindly put my faith in the Admins of ASC as I've always done. If they want my name, well, I've already given it to 'em at the beginning, and wouldn't hesitate to do it again. If they don't, as long as it doesn't come up, I'm not going to run around saying "I'm Adam, I'm Adam, I'm Adam". So I suppose my post had little point in the end, except to say whatever you choose, I'm behind you.
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