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VipaMave says:
Don't listen to this guy, he has no idea what he's talking about.

As long as you aren't buying anything illegal (ie. no price tags, cash only) at Pacific Mall, there's nothing to worry about.
Okay I was wrong, they rip EVERYONE off, you just don't get ripped off as much if you're asian. But it's not all the time, friend of mine got a TM G26 for $220 which is the same as if you were to do a pre-order. And in another unfortunate case I met somebody who spent $300 on an EBB!!

EDIT - Didn't mean to be racist but I am Chinese as well and have been living in Toronto my whole life so I really don't get your point. I'm not saying you shouldn't check out Pacific Mall cause of that it's just what I think, if it has offended you than I am sorry.
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