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Just my 2 cents. I was reading the after action report about OP High Anxiety and this struck me:

Originally Posted by Scarecrow
...- Largest number of volunteer Wolves involved in game prep to date (still not enough)...
Idea: You want to get to be known and respected by a large body of airsofters in your area, go out and volunteer to help out at the next big game. They want the help, you want to be recognized as a mature person, so if you can show that you are devoted and are ready to work and keep airsoft safe and fun, in my mind that would put you in high esteem by the more veteran players.

Now I have about a year and a half to wait until I can participate in a game, I donít mind, it gives me time to keep my grades rising and I rather hold off until I am 18 then wreak any respect I might have gained until then. I am really tired of reading immature people posting stuff like "Is the AIM Boys M4 any good?Ē For crying out loud, read and you can find all the info you want and not have to bother the already very active members of this forum.

I would have nothing against limiting posting to 18+ even if it means I canít post for a while, if it kept out retards. For international people, the Brits have Arnies; the people from the US have a total of 2,120,000 results from goggle to post on, so unless you have some really cool stuff like Sir Toby, bugger off, and go post your questions elsewhere.
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