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Out of curiosity, how big is the wood lot?

Anyways, I sometimes daydream about a scenario not unlike this, where I have access to a wood lot and can do with it as I please. Invariably, I come to the conclusion that unless I have free use of a backhoe or mini-excavator and a healthy free supply of salvagable building materials, it's gonna cost a bit of cash. I'm not saying tonnes of cash, but enough to make it uncomfortable without some outside help. Then I envision the petty squabbling that would naturally follow and I get all pissed off and say 'fuck it'. Yeah, that's right, my daydreams usually end in a fist fight!

I guess, if you're doing it on the cheap, a good way to start is to accumulate skids, barrels, wooden wire reels, etc. and start from there. At least it gives you something to hide behind. I suppose it also depends on the natural terrain you've got in your wood lot, as it may not need enhancement.

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