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Originally Posted by CDN_Stalker
What is "post recall V4s"? I bought a V4 last year, no idea what version it is. Only problem I've had with it was early on, left the adaptor nozzle in place because it was a real bugger to pull out, put my propane in my bag after a game and 10mins later in the truck we smelled propane. I unscrewed the adaptor and smoothed out the bottom lip (the one that keeps the probe held in the adaptor so it's easy to put in and take out.)
I issued a product recall about a year ago after catching a mistake made by my machinist. About 80 defective adaptors were sent out while fulfilling a large amount of back orders which prompted my product recall. I think I managed to nearly completely deal with all recalled adaptors. I have only 3 unaddressed recipients of suspect adaptors (some adaptors were ok). 2 dead email addresses, one no reply.

The retention feature at the bottom of probes is a design legacy from pre V4 adaptors which had removable probes. I intended to keep the probe design reverse compatible with pre V4 builds so users of the older versions could keep their adaptors working with replacement probes (if they mashed them somehow).

I have enough spare probes with the retention feature so I changed the new build of V4 to not include this:

Easier to remove now, but the probes from new V4 would not work well in pre V4 adaptors because they fall out pretty much every time without the oring retention.
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