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Originally Posted by Amgoosen
Originally Posted by MadMax
I note that this error occured on the new high strength (HS) adaptor so I'm wondering if the problem is limited only to the HS build. I would be rather surprised if it was. The HS build shares the same probe design as the regular adaptor. The only difference is the material used.
Awww crap I just bought one of those...
I'm still trying to figure out the size of the problem. I don't often get to see statistically infrequent failures, but I have to follow up on what I hear about my product in the field. If you have problems with your new adaptor, I'll replace it free of charge. I do ask that you return your adaptor so I can inspect it and try to find out how it's malfunctioning.

It's the harsh test I face when I mass produce something. I can test prototypes and samples to death, but after scattering thousands across the world, it's hard to be perfect every time.
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