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Product feedback request from users of propane adaptors purchased in April or later

I released a slightly different build of the V4 propane adaptor starting middle of March. I have had two reports of propane adaptors which malfunctioned in a way which is concerning to me. The adaptors got stuck in the "open" state locking the valve open on the propane tank continually venting propane. I went through significant effort to prevent this so I would really like to figure out how this problem is happening.

I note that this error occured on the new high strength (HS) adaptor so I'm wondering if the problem is limited only to the HS build. I would be rather surprised if it was. The HS build shares the same probe design as the regular adaptor. The only difference is the material used.

Have users of V4 propane adaptors had "lock open" malfunctions? I am particularly interested in users who have purchased an adaptor in April or later.

If you have a malfuction to report, please add your post here and include the date you placed your order so I can try to trace the batch your adaptor came from. I am also interested in other adaptor malfunctions.

Thanks for your feedback. Knowing about malfunctions in the field helps me address design and manufacturing issues with my product.
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