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Actually, with regards to bobthemonky...(this might sound kinda dumb to the rest of you)...but are you "the kid"? If so first off, what's with the sig sauer? what happened to the socom?

And to the rest of you, while I can't really speak on behalf of his maturity level since it has come into question before, and there have been more than a few times where I myself have had some serious doubts about him.

I can however vouch that he is telling the truth. I've met him many times and he does come to play with us every Sunday, and I've heard he frequents the other days as well. He plays just as well as the rest of us (hell he's armed better than lots of us) and more or less follows all of the rules. (I say more or less because though I've heard stories, I haven't witnessed any infractions myself.) Several people have met his father as well, though I don't think he plays at all he has been involved.

And with regards to employment I was under the impression 14 was the legal age? I got my first job at 14 and have been working since. I've also known many dishwashers and bussers (being a chef) who were 14 so as far as I knew it was ok?
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