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Originally Posted by Kid
Originally Posted by VipaMave
Could you answer Greylocks' question?

Were you sold the gun by Rangers Airsoft?

Come on, give him a break man.

It's not good if RA knew he was underage, but they most likely didn't.
No need to cause a fuss over it, both Greylocks included in this.

If I may point out, you are also seventeen and in another thread mentioned you own a G&P M4.
I'm not saying they knew he was underage but its their responsibility to ask.

I had a parent/guardian buy the G&P M4A1 after speaking with Ken from 007 (He actually asked for age / proof of age... all Canadian retailers SHOULD) about the risks and responsibilities associated with posessing airsoft guns.

I'm not bashing RA (I've never used them so I've no good reason to) but it's always a good idea to keep record of the ethics of "reputable" airsoft dealers (Not saying they sold it to him... maybe they sold it to a parent. It doesn't hurt to check though).

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