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Originally Posted by Luckyorwhat
Would it really be a problem, as long as you weren't standing beside a roadblock with a black bandana over your face? Not to nit-pick, but there's common-sense, and un-necessary self-censorship & deprivation. Remember, there will ALWAYS be a crisis for the news to broadcast, and grab people's attention, ALWAYS . If you let it affect you then it becomes a problem.
I'm sure you'll be saying the same thing after youve driven past a protest, and were pulled over for wearing head to toe camo, and had all your airsoft guns siezed?

And dont tell me they dont have the right to sieze them, because we all know cops will do whatever they damn please and can get away with. In this sport, it is necessary self-censorship. Because it doesnt matter how you percieve airsoft, or yourself dressed up in camo and carrying plastic guns, it is not a socially acceptable sport as of yet, and the guys with real guns may not see it your way.
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