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Originally Posted by Black Eagle
Ok, I'm a minor for still for 7 months, I have played in a pistol game one year ago(maybe less, not sure), I rent a pistol and I played, everybody who were there found me correct, my parents where there, if I buy a gun now with my parents, before the 7 remaining mounths are over, do you think it will be ok? because nobody never said I was irresponsible, I have played a lot of paintball games before and I know how important is safety with guns, my sergeants were clear enough on that point in the army...

just to kbe really sure if I will be ok to have one...
If your parents buy the gun for you, then it's fine. But they have full ownership until you are 18, and even then they still have ownership if they don't want you to have it (I doubt this, if you're responsible and mature).

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