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Originally Posted by mtallman
Originally Posted by thephenom
Originally Posted by mtallman
Here's a question for you.
Why can I (a minor) walk into the local sporting goods store and buy live ammunition (ex/ 12 guage, 9mm, .45 ACP etc), but I can't buy 6mm BB's.

Something doesn't make sence there.
Who's restricting you from buying 6mm BBs? There's no law, rules or regulation of any sort restricting the purchase of BBs by a minor. :smack:
It may just be certain stores' policies, but the stores around here have the little "MUST BE OVER 18" stickers on the boxes.
You can go to Canadian Tire or Wal-Mart to buy those crappy Crosman 0.12g BBs without being ID-ed. And more prime example, you can buy BBs on ASC on the Accessories Section where age verification isn't needed.

Whatever store(s) isn't selling a minor BBs is kinda retarded, but then again, if a minor doesn't have an airsoft and buy BBs for the heck of it is even more retarded.
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