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Let's try to be clear again;

If a Minor gets their parents involved. If the parents buy and own the gun. If the parents let the minor (usually 16+) go to games and play with full consent of field owners and legal proof. If one of the parents is present on site. There is NO problem.

Some sites only request that the parents show up once with ID. Is that so hard?

The problem is that it appears that all of this is too hard to do. What I guess is that many here are trying to lie to their parents to get into airsoft anyway.

If you're not mature enough to talk to your parents, you're not mature enough for a game with Replicas.

And no, guys, real gun laws and pellet gun laws are NOT THE SAME as for airsoft. The sooner you grab that clue, the better.

Okay? So yet again all you minors have a way to play IF you are mature enough to follow a few rules. If not, too bloody bad. Bitching wont help.

If you truly want to bitch, there IS a way to change those laws; it's called VOTING. But guess what? You must be 18 for that too.
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