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Originally Posted by thephenom
Originally Posted by ^Hyperion^
I agree with you Greylock's bu only to some points. why would 14 be too young?? If the guy says he is admitted to play 3 times a week with the guys from his area , he must be respectful of the rules and not be a jackass.
If a guy shows lots of maturity , he should be allowed to play.

This is only my 2 cents , dont want to start anything bad
He's too young according to the law, and he's too young according to field rules.

We don't make the law on who's an adult and who's not, we certainly don't make the law who can own airsoft and who can't, and we don't make the details on the insurance policy at a field that requires players to be 18 years old or with parent present.

From your analogy, if a minor is mature enough, we should be buying them booze, cigarettes and let them drive our cars. (Don't argue this back, it's one of those classic non-ending argument that leads to nowhere but politics)

well , the fact is that I agree with you on that point. Laws are there for a reason and it has to be respected. At least 16 is a good rule. Final Answer

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