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Originally Posted by ^Hyperion^
I agree with you Greylock's bu only to some points. why would 14 be too young?? If the guy says he is admitted to play 3 times a week with the guys from his area , he must be respectful of the rules and not be a jackass.
If a guy shows lots of maturity , he should be allowed to play.

This is only my 2 cents , dont want to start anything bad
The fact he claims to do it does not make it legal. I suspect the story is not complete either.

There's a trend here; everyone bitching about reading until being checked-out to post IS underage. Leads me to believe underage people cant read or make the effort to get checked out.
Do you guys have something to hide or will you finally show some of the maturity you all claim (loudly) to have?
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