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Airsoft Elite has been kind enough to donate 2 crates of beautiful Black .20grm BBs, and 3 Airsoft elite baseball caps, as part of their sponsorship for KS2. Xtreme Tactics , Winnipeg's Airsoft exclusive indoor facility, will be donating some tac gear, and some T-shirts, We'll also have a few KRAIT RF remote directional mines that KILL anything else on the market, that we will be giving away. Every registered player will be assigned a wrist band at the check-in/Chrono station, that band will have a number on it, when you check in your name will be thrown in with the pool from which the draw will be made.

Since this gear will come in handy during the game the draw will be made BEFORE the game even starts, so you can actually make use of the BBs and equipment in the game.
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