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Originally Posted by ^Hyperion^
yeah but how would we be able to proove ourselves if we can't even post ?
I agree the idea about each and every person that joins this forum would have to be verificated by a veteran , not his age should be verificated but his maturity. what d'you think about that ?
As repeated constantly; use a system LIKE the age-verification. If a teenager bothers to come meet us with his parents at a game or meet, then we can allow the same teen to post. It's that simple.
If he cant post, he can read where the next meeting is and go.

Why is it that reading has become such a horrible chore? They can read EVERYTHING, they can INFORM themselves, they can EMAIL, they can GO to meets. What more do you want?
If they cant make SOME effort, why should we? Is this a Legal Right or a privilege?

You "proove" yourself by showing up to a meet and requesting posting privileges. Is that too hard?
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