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Originally Posted by Matt_M
I'm just under the age of 18. I'll be turning 18 in July. At this point in time I am in the possession of airsoft guns, two to be exact. Before purchasing these guns I had been reading these forums for sometime, trying to gain some sort of knowledge. I know I haven't been involved in this sport for too long, and surely do not know everything about it. However, I did read and study enough about airsoft to understand what was expected from someone who is involved with airsoft. It's a real downer to be automatically considered immature, and stupid. I do understand why this is done, don't get me wrong. Not all minors are ridiculously stupid, and irresponsible. I know that Iím not the only person who feels this way. I think some sort of plan should be in place that could gauge certain newcomers, and how they act. Then maybe newcomers to airsoft like myself, who are responsible, will be given some sort of respect, as long as we can prove ourselves worthy.
It's not so much about stereotyping minors as immature and/or stupid, it's more about ASC following the Canadian law. In addition to the law, majority of the field doesn't allow minors to play, some will if you're above 16. (And that would force minors to play at their own backyard/cottage)

And since you read, you know here at ASC, we would like to keep a positive image by avoiding unwanted publicity with soccer moms and such. So to keep minors from playing in public's view, we need to keep their hands off the airsoft, and we also need to educate these new comers to the sport.

With that said, you might be a mature minor, but none the less, it doesn't look that good on your part going through the loop holes to get yourself some airsoft. If you really wanted to show to others that you were mature, you probably should of waited till you were 18 till getting into the games.

What Droc meant with his post was that you PROVE maturity, then you buy airsoft, not buy airsoft, then show maturity.
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