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A necropost, but I feel that this isnít worth a new thread. Iíve been focusing my efforts on the HFC M190, for now.
This is the WE Hi-Capa Type 10, by the way. Please refer to the M190 review for pictures ( Ė scroll down).

Sights are great. A bit ugly, in my opinion, but still great. Thereís a white dot in the center of each one.
Everything, save the grips, are metal.
Finish- Great. However, paint seems to rub off a bit in the holster. This isnít very noticeable, and itís my ancient, rough WWII-era holsterís fault.
Trademarks- ĎBaby Hi-Capa?í. I hate that, to tell you the truth, but to my relief it wasnít engraved- simply painted. ĎCal .45 ACPí was painted on the other side, and ĎCal .45í was on the ejection port (engraved). Sweeet.
Takedown- Greylocks had to help me a bit on this one, Iím not the best with these. However, it was identical to the real-steel.
Ajustable Hop-Up too, for that matter.
Grip safety works great, so does the regular safety. This didnít have the moulding problems the other guy had, and is a great fit.
Final impressions- amazing. I havenít gotten to fire it, yet, the propane adaptor arrives in a few days.
My only put-off is the fact you cannot modify it for left-handed use, the grips donít allow for that and the notch is in only one side of the magazine. If Iím wrong about that, feel free to correct me- I just canít see how it could be converted, and I really donít want to take the grips off.
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