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I understand where you guys are coming from. I am open to changing the language/images on the site. They are simple quick changes.

I will be more clear next time on the type of feedback i'm looking for right now.

i posted this up to get it tested. I have had 391 people view the site, and not a single person has added to the 331 weapons i've added. Only 31 reviews have been submitted and only 4 of them have been from people I don't know personally.

what i'm looking for is a thorough testing of the sites features. The spelling/images/wording can be changed when the site gets to a release state. The difficult thing is to get solid feedback on the technical side.

I'm assuming nobody has found any glitches (ie pages not displaying properly, or bad links) yet.

Also, suggestions on features would be nice. What would make the site more productive, or easier to use.

Now, as most of you guys have guessed, i'm no graphic artist, or spelling wiz (this is a beta style release), i type fast, and read poorly so the site will have spelling mistakes, i'll get to them asap. So once the site gets to a release state, i'll address all the concerns about wording/images. The site currently only has one image. Should be simple enough to get a replacement. I'm sure there are some people out there who can whip up a nice looking pic, that will be approved by the PC members.

When the site gets released, there will be changes, ie more interesting design, maybe more than one graphic, get a domain name, etc.

I do appreciate the feedback, I'm jaded because a programmer doesn't usually care about the text/images, it's more about the system.

I think your right, I didn't care for the way it was put, not necessarily the message. I apologize for stereotyping asc as negative.
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