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Originally Posted by troz
I dont see the "need" - sure people want to be able to identify people - but there is no need to have our real names on here..
Identifying people by real name at games don't work as well as one'd think, too. It's not like we all have our real names floating above our heads along with our health and mana bars, you kinda have to ask "Are you so-and-so?" regardless of whether you know of the person by their callsign or real name, or overhear conversations, etc. At the same time, I think more people have their callsign as opposed to their real name nametaped to their vest.

And if one is really concerned about being properly identified at a game, there's a whole space devoted to personal pictures on our profile page. Even if one feels strongly enough to blank out their face in the photo, as long as they don't have 5 kits and 20 guns, you can usually ID them by their kit, gun and physical dimensions/characteristics.
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