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Originally Posted by Dracheous
Dullege, that is what he said, its a matter of choice. By law I have the right to not post my name and by law I have the right to grant Hojo's request of my real name, that'd be an "option."

Also Greylocks has posted his opinion already, why don't ya go back and read through all the messages in the forums. It'd be pretty dumb for him to repeat his opinion and all said pro's and con's on EVERY post he makes here.
No matter what opinion you may hold on this those who have attempted to characterize this as a legal privacy issue should really give it a rest.

This is a private board, and if the administrators (owners) decide they will require some form of real name disclosure (as some other boards I am on do) than they can do it.

All this "by law I have the right to..." is simply inaccurate, and might actually mislead someone into believing it is true.

It is amazing how many people claim they have rights, that really don't exist.

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