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Real Names Posted on the Forums

Well....I post my real name. I'm not too afriad of anything weird happening because someone knows my name. NOT posting your name however gives you some advantages....

Like if you're a 14 year-old little punk loser that likes to start online 'fights', then no one can find you and beat the crap out of you.

Also, if you're wife/girlfriend/significant other would cut of your balls because of the amount of time you spend on ASC, OR if (God forbid) you get recognized by your name outside in the real world, it might hurt.

It certainly should not be manditory, but it's a good option.

Like computer gaming though I think that having a screen/game name gives you a certain sense of character within the world of airsofting. For example, where I get my surplus are pictures of Team Wolfpack, and there are names on the bottom, Morbius, Claymore, etc. It's not pictures of 'John Smith' (Not a real name), it's kind of cooler you know?

As far as using real names as a path against flaming/insulting, what's to stop me from using some other guys name when I sign up? It should be the admins and the rest of the forums users who stop people from being total dicks.

HOWEVER, and I stress this (As I am a often a dick), sometimes people NEED to be flamed or insulted to reduce stress on others. I.E. Someone says or does something rediculous (Titz_Willikers), and they need a beating. You 'can't' beat them due to 'the law', and now your only recourse is to shut them up online.

That's just my opinion.
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