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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle
I clearly don't have any issues with hanging my name out there... I figure if I am going to say something.. express an opinion the least I can do is back it up with an identity. Otherwise... opinions stated from behind a facade are easily disregarded.
In ideal circumstances, I wouldn't either. Unfortunately we live in a society where guns, their use, and anything resembling or associated with them, carries with it a huge social stigma. A lot of people I work for are very left wing, including a local college; I could easily see THEM making a big issue out of it ("OMFG POLYTECHNIQUE!"). I pay plenty for my airsoft and my gear and everything else, I don't need dealing with that kinda shit.

Unfortunately, "expressing your opinion" in this country seems to often mean "you better be expressing the mainstream opinion, or brace for some major backlash."

And if that's gonna be putting my livelyhood on the line? Then yeah, I'm against it.

Originally Posted by Black_Orchid
I can understand completely why people don't want to give out their full names and I agree with that. But how is it possible for someone to track you down and/or steal your identity etc. with just a simple first name? Or even a first name and last initial? Especially if you have a very common name. Feel free to enlighten me if I'm wrong.
First name is fine. I have it listed in the Quebec players list. But first name and initial and city... that starts narrowing it down a bit too much for my liking.

And I'll reiterate that the bulk of my gripe isn't shielding my identity from fellow airsofters; it stems from "guests" having access to it, complete unknowns, reporters (we've had a couple), and all my posts + name being catalogued on Google and probably other search engines, and who knows what other spiders/bots/etc (Cyveillance comes to mind). That's more troubling, to me. (and I'll add that I do know, with a good degree of accuracy, who's browsing ASC -- in terms of hits from domains)

Point in case, if the info was limited to say Age Verified members (staff aside) and completely inaccessible to guests, bots, etc., my feelings on the matter would be different -- but I'm still not sure I'd want forced full name disclosure.
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