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Originally Posted by HonestJohn
Originally Posted by Yuxi
Great points FF! you put to fine words ideas that were only vague thoughts in my head.
Which is ironic because I don't think Alex gets passed the "vague thoughts in my head" stage that often. Eyyyooooooo.

I think we've gotten all the responses we need.

I think we'll add names under the callsign, just for convenience... people can put what they like for first name and last, or nothing at all (in fact, I'd probably remove any stupid names and keep it as a legitimate tool, not just another usertag). This site is too large and public to initiate any kind of required real name useage. One more feature to add to my to-do list...
A good place to start, optional.. but easy to do.

I get some of the reluctance.. and it may be well placed.

I clearly don't have any issues with hanging my name out there... I figure if I am going to say something.. express an opinion the least I can do is back it up with an identity. Otherwise... opinions stated from behind a facade are easily disregarded.
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