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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle
Age, City, First name and last initial. What could possibly be the harm in providing this information?
Also being found with bogus information in your profile should be an instant Ban.
Brian I'm all for banning people but so many ASC'ers don't even attend games. It'd be damn near impossible to find out who has bogus info and the amount of work it would be to keep track ... well, I don't want to touch that one.

It solves nothing in the end. The people who attend games, whom people know, are not usually the same ones who rip off others (okay, there are a couple exceptions that come to mind). More often then not, it's some mysterious new user to ASC that becomes a problem ... Remember gamer123? He could have listed my name as his, used my age and claimed to work my job and who would be able to verify it? No one.

This whole thing would just give people a false sense of security. The only real protection against fraud is to only deal with those who are established within the community.
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