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I did a small accuracy test:
5 shots fired standing each with :
0.25g excel; hopup set for ~50+ feet
and the mints(approx 0.1125g); hopup off
done at 18 feet, no wind against a cardboard backstop
groupings measured center to center
5.1" Hi-Capa using a 4.3" magazine
TK twist barrel
150% hammer/recoil spring
lots o' shooter's design metal parts

3 of the mints failed to explode on contact
overall group: 100mm
smallest group: 19mm

compared to the excels
overall group: 33mm
smallest group: 11mm

btw, for those of you who say that the TK barrel doesnt work:
this is the stock barrel, same conditions as the TK twist
overall group: 50mm
smallest group: 13mm
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