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It's a tough call...

But here is my perception.

I have belonged to other forums where Alias and Nicks are used... and it had a lot of the characteristics of this forum at times.. Flaming, insulting. bad deals... all of it..

Then it went to a real names only policy.. not all of the BS stopped but about 80% did. people were much more respectful, the mean age of forum members bounced up about a decade and the community matured into something much more productive. Instead of flame wars there was intelligent discourse.

Maybe because of the sensitive nature of this, we can meet somewhere in the middle.

I think a fully populated profile should be required. Fully Populated means.

Age, City, First name and last initial. What could possibly be the harm in providing this information?
Also being found with bogus information in your profile should be an instant Ban.

You can't have a community without some trust, and for many people who come here to be jerks... the hide behind their "callsigns" and sling rubbish.

if they had to stand in the public square and sling the same bs... they just may not bother to come in at all, which would be better for all of us.
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