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UPDATE: ASTM discusses standards in airsoft - May 16th, Toronto Sheraton Centre


The realm of airsoft outside of Canada is not typical of the usual airsoft discussed here on ASC. The ASTM develops safety related standards which apply across North America so the total market view they address is much wider ranged than the one typical of ASC. Do not fill this publicly viewable post with the usual softair bashing endemic to this forum or this thread will quickly become as informative as the other threads in the trash.

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) is meeting in Toronto at the Sheraton centre on Queen street starting Tuesday:

Most of the confrence deals with standards relating to sports other than airsoft, but they will be discussing some safety related aspects such as eye protection. I can't say I'm sure what will happen as I have never attended a ASTM meeting. I hope it's productive.

I think you'll have to join ASTM to attend which costs $75 on their site. I don't know what the CAD fee will be for an on site membership. I note that membership is free for students so I recommend experienced airsofting students to attend especially if they're studying engineering.

The ASTM is a voluntary standards association who defines safe requirements for various fields. I don't think they have any real regulatory power, but I think insurance companies can determine rates/requirements from ASTM standards.

I find myself interested as I somehow ended up in the field of airsoft manufacturing. I'll be attending to see how new airsoft standards are being developed. Shoot, I should get a haircut in case I have to say something...
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