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Look it, there shouldn't be an issue of wether or not people should have to or not use their real name publicly on ASC. There is the option right now for people to have it there or not and thats a good thing. Why? Because there is this nifty little site called where you could get phone numbers and all that off of names and general location. Why's that a bad thing? Say you have a feild and a bunch of noob underaged kids start calling you at outrageous hours in the night because they don't understand time zones for instance, is that point across already?

Another thing is that, with the issue on sales, people need to start to learn to remove themselves from world of Airsoft when entering the world of marketing. When your in the professional world of marketing where you buy, sell or trade items of value, one should use a more apporpriate professional name for this. So if you into a deal that is going through there is no harm in saying "Ma name is Bubba and you can get a hold of me here! or there or where ever the fuck I happen to let you know..."...

If people want to put their names under their callsign, cool. Personally I think of that CIA black list that matches up codenames to real names and how HIGHLY top secret that shits supposed to be? Well, what happens when we start waving our lil "top secret" black list around? ((If no one picks up on the sarcasm here... go to hell))
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