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I bought some yesterday, they definetly do not fit well in the gun... They're just too small to work even in my M9/M8000 springers, and they really just wander around in the workings of my P14 or P226.

The funny thing is that firing them with propane I expected some sort of bluish splat like a paintball, except that when I fired it at the target, I didn't see a damn thing.

I was wondering what was going on (the M9 springer I fired it out of didn't have enough power to break it so it just sort of bounced off the target), so I turned and fired it at a target I set up closer, It was only then that I realized that it was pretty much blowing up in barrel and sending a nice spray of minty-scented stuff all over the target...

Not exactly the greatest thing, so I have big doubts you'll be able to load them into anything hotter than a duster-gas propelled weapon... Maybe an AEP.

But, I'm thinking of getting the bigger frisk mints, which look like they'll load properly...
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