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I don't particularily think that so many protocols are needed at ASC.
Perhaps there can be a review board of types.
As in when a member joins, he or she is put on a probation list. When on this list certain forums may be accessed, like the FAQ, or General. After a month, or 2 or even 3, they are given full access to ASC if they have contributed in a positive manner to the community. Obviously this would have to be decided by a panel of mods, or admins.
If patience is an issue, it was said earlier that it's worth the wait.
And if you truly are serious about the game, and want to learn and give back to the community, than you will wait out your probationary period.
People that are impatient, and looking for a 'quick-fix', will get bored and show their lack of interest by not visiting often, or not posting.
Which also brings up a point that perhaps there should be a small script under our screen name stating the last time that we were visiting ASC.
Just my 2 cents.
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