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Originally Posted by SockMonkey
FF has an intresting point it could be used to look up your name address and such, but chances are the people you play with would be able to get that info anyhow.
I'd be more worried about people who I don't play with, people aren't exactly shy about the content of their arsenal here on ASC, real steel or otherwise. If anyone with an account here can get your real name and perform a physical address lookup, then who's to say thieves won't ever use ASC like a shopping list? The only thing deterring such an abuse would be how gun owners here repeatedly declare their willingness to shoot intruders.

I think being able to be called out on all the tough guy shit that goes on when you can hide your identity would quickly come to an end for the most part especialy after some one shows at thier door to "continue" the conversation outside... I guess it makes people accountable for the way they act online.
I think we as a community need to have a serious self-evaluation if we need to deter tough guy shitism via the possibility of someone you've talked smack to online visiting your home...
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