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Real names on the forum?

This was an idea proposed by Brian McIlmoyle recently, although several people have suggested it over the years - I'm interested to get some feedback from everyone:

How would you like to see real names used instead of anonymous aliases on this forum? Personally, while I enjoy using my user tag, it makes alot of sense to me to use my real name instead - after all, we have to do deals and go to games where real names are much more practical than just call signs. Plus I'm tired of people calling me John (Hojo is fine though, although I prefer Miles).

The anonymity thing is a two-way street though. I'm not sure if people would like to have their real name posted on this site, although at the same time the anonymous nature of forums encourage stupid posts and flamers, who would be less likely to do what they do if they couldn't hide behind an anonymous username.

I see a few possible ways of doing this: Either full names used as your username, or a callsign followed by your name underneath, or your full name required to signup, but only visible in your profile. There are other options, of course - if you have another idea, suggest it.
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