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Originally Posted by VipaMave

Either that or you lack the wit to interpret it.

Yep, you never threw out any "You're an idiot" or "You're dumb" or "You're just not smart enough to understand what I am saying.

If you want to withdraw from you're own thread. Thats fine, but don't do it because you can't take a little criticism. This started with the sheer fact that you can't take it that someone didn't like your idea and thought it utterly garbage. I've read one guy who's liked this idea, you know what the difference between him and you was? He actually pointed out the pro's to the idea, and that was limiting access TO the retaliers. But the cons have outweighted this idea and thats the limiting of access TO information. This is really like what I've said before, and thats telling people to read the FAQ and making it age verified access only.

This isn't flaming as you so call it, because on the flipside of your floppy liberal like approach to this "debate" is that is just what this is, a debate.

I don't like the idea, and I made that clear. Now I defend myself because you say I am flaming your thread. You sir, need to grow up, because as far as I am concerned anyone that'd come up with the idea of cutting off access to retailers to other people and wait till its so close to when that idea would not inconvience himself ((you being a minor is really what gets me here)) the very least. Its like Bill Clinton banning blowjobs in the white house a month before the next election that he himself is not going to run for.
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