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Btw, you neversaid you dissagree with my opinion VipaMave, intead you turned around and burnt my balls for making a comment that you're little defense of go away if you don't care what my opinion is. Don't try that little stunt with me cause its not working.

Btw, I guess you lack the wit where my response is explaining how your use of "If you don't care" is wrong, because as I've pointed out a couple times here, he did care enough to post a response and you didn't like it. So, if you'd pull that stick outta your ear drum and listen to whats being said here is this;

You don't like it that not all of us agree here. There are legitamite reasons for people to NOT like this idea. Many good ones were ((though somewhat sarcasticly)) shown in Quickstrikes post, oh but I guess you didn't dismiss them, you basically told him to f888 off cause he doesn't agree with you.

Oh, and look now its you flaming your own thread, because you can't keep this on topic. You're going on and on and on about how dumb I am. Gee, I wonder what what Quickstrike musta though when you did that to him? Musta made him change his mind on the topic. Look it Vipa, I gave you my opinion and you didn't like it, here we are now with you bitching about the diference in not caring about an idea and not liking an idea. The problem was, you had the wrong context. Because if it was really not caring, he wouldn't have posted, he woulda burped out his abc's said "what a f888tard" to himself and scooted over to the next thread. But you can't read this, because basically you see this opinion that I don't like you. When the reality is I don't like this idea. It is irrelavent because of what ASC is supposed to be, and thats a community in which there is room for new people to find information. We don't want thumb suckers and tit bitters here, when you realise that, you might see why the idea is wrong. Many have pointed this out to you, but you're stuck on "YOUR THE IDIOT NOT ME!"

Cause until now, you've not made ANY mention to anyone's actual opinion in your last posts. All you've gone on about, is some rant about being flamed. You started the flame when YOU went off topic. Quickstrike kept his post pretty much right there on topic of the idea of cutting out the retailers list. You, your on about feelings versus dislike, and people not liking your idea. Either stand up and say "Hey, just an idea thought you might get a better one." Or go sit back and read some more Math textbooks till YOU! turn 18 and deserve to see that information. How's that?
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