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Originally Posted by VipaMave
5) If you don't care what I say, then you don't need to read it or reply either. If you're trying to start a fight on the internet, go somewhere else.


So I'm a liar now?

Btw, how does he make it clear he has "No interest" when he clearly left a response? And yes he has the choice to overlook what you say, but then again, he HAS the choice TOO read everything you say. And thusly so he has the right to inturn respond to the topic at hand.

Clearly you yourself have lost interest in the topic at hand which is the idea of closing off the retailer section to those who are not 18+ I find it funny that you'd bring such an idea up so close to when you yourself would become of age and it wouldn't hinder your own progression into the sport.

Remember VipaMave, this is a forum, everyone has the right to respond. His response was "You're an idiot." Well that's that, he doesn't like your opinion. My opinion was that this is information, and cutting off the ability to get to it, is like telling people to read the FAQ and making it Age Verified!

I think you yourself need a little growing up to do bud. You need to start accepting that not everyone is going to like your idea, and in this case both engines are on fire and your landing gear said fuck you while a side wind makes the run-way useless.
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