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Wow, that was a great response VipaMave. I'm sorry but anyone that creates a defense in "If you don't like what I say, don't read it," terms is on the wrong webpage. See this is a Forum VM, you gotta hear both sides whether you agree or not.

I don't agree with age verifying the websites to great retailers. What that gives the people who DO do theire research is access to yet MORE intel. Such as when they start reading into what type of gun they want to get, they can start doing cost load outs and start planning their gear around the gun that they choose. I knew right away that I would be going with a colt M16 varient, so I stuck with those mags and that gear in mind when I started going through what I wanted and didn't want. Having access to some sights like Kelowna Airsoft or 007 or Rangers etc etc, I could see what was out there to get. What were the common silencers, optics, and other accessories.

Like many have said, who and what retailers sell too is not our business. We can't control them, short of boycoutting them. We do that by removing their listening from ASC when we learn of such actions. Like Atlantic Armory, too many deals have gone south that the admins removed them from our listing and now they do not get any mention from us. Think about this VM there are probably LOTS of retailers out there that are not on that list, possibily because of poor conduct, possibly cause we don't know them "All."

Its good that you turn 18 next month, I hope you managed to use that list of retailers to find yourself a gun. Just don't buy it before you get YOURSELF age verified. If you really believe that all minors, such as yourself, should not be getting a look see on where to find the gear and guns.
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