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Originally Posted by Gato
Hey i'm under 18 (16 turning 17 on june 12th ) and guess what ? i won't be buying the thing one of my legal guardians will ..... so whether or not it is kept to only 18 or not it will still get into my hands ( not trying to be rude) and while i will not mis-use it and am responsible (Guardians know this thats the only reason i'll be allowed to have it) other less responsible people jave parents/guardians who quite frankly couldn't give a shit what they do and will order it for them just so they go play with it leaving the parent/guardian free to go drinkin or hang with freinds instead of doing their job as a parent and a simple google search will turn up retailers so as i said before i don't mean to be rude but your idea just won't exactly work as well as you think.
What a coincidence, I turn 18 on June 12 =P

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