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6mm breath mints

OK, I know I may get flamed or this will go into Off Topic, or even the Trash Disposal. I don't really care, I'm anticipating Greylocks' reply...
I just wanted to share my experience. Anyway here goes...

WARNING: Try at your own risk and don't blame me if you screw up

I went out for lunch yesterday and working in Downtown Vancouver, especially in the summer, you get a tonne of people giving out free samples, free food, free coffee, etc. to promote their products. So my coworker and I are walking over to lunch and there are these people giving out free samples of Brisk Liquids. I get a several packs and they are in these clear packages. I notice they are round, blue and around 6mm in diameter. Anyway, my mind starts churning and I think, what if these would fit in my airsoft stuff. I didn't have a caliper to measure the exact size, so I thought I'd try it last night in one of my old springers. Well it fit in the mag fine, now to test it! I rack the slide back, aim and fire! Got the garbage bin, 40 feet away on target. Splat! Light blue goo all over the sign. So I try my GBB, load, rack slide, aim and fire. Same thing, but a higher FPS and more accurate. Not bad. I've tried those stupid paintball BB's before and they always break inside the barrel, but I put in a dozen each into both the springer and GBB and no problem. I suppose if it did break in the barrel, goo would be everywhere inside. But atleast the propane smell disappears and you get that clean fresh mint scent.

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