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Vipa shut up please. All you are saying to people is your point is irrelevant and sucks, man your points are 2 sided, you sway one way to defend offend someones opinion, then in the same post sway the other way.

The ASC threads are for people that took the damn time to get veryfied, and want to do PERSONAL sales. NOT THROUGH A RETAILER.

The retailers are on the web, open to public, it's not ASC's responsibility of thier sales, it is just a helpful link to places that sell many accesories, gear, etc, and yes airsoft guns.

It is thier own liability to make sure the person is of age. Here at ASC we have a section deticated to members of this airsoft community that took time out of thier lives to get veryfied so they can sell on this board. If you don't like it leave.

You are 17. So stop whining. Only reason your being the devil advocate is because you can't access them. Stop whining. Stop changing your p.o.v to support and glorify yourself. No I didn't read all your posts, because the first few just pissed me off, so maybe if it changed since the first couple posts then fine, whatever.

But still man, stop being a tool.

I don't think people below the age of 18 should even have the right to discuss this standard.

And also the retailers listed on the links don't have a undisputible history of selling to minors.

I haven't seen a big case at all from any of the above sellers. Not even a minor situation to reflect a shady business.

So I don't see what your point is.
I think your topic, and opinions are irrelevant.
How about that?

It's just like saying, oh wal mart sells videos on how to become a cross dresser.

Fine shut down wal mart. The person will just go down the road to another place and find it there. Like cmon man, what the hell is the point of this? haha.

Like your side changes in each post. Sorry, but it's damn annoying.

And with that, I'm gonna go.. omg.. my batteries have been plugged in way too long =\

And p.s when the AVS is used properly, and utilized for the betterment of Airsoft, it is amazing, such as

Sure it sucks for people that aren't veryfied. But thats thier own problem. And if you say ohh well they will just use the other sites and somehow get it, then fine use the other sites, whatever, your own choice.

I think the real problem here is... The robots from zytech. Effn robots.
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