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Originally Posted by VipaMave
Originally Posted by SINN
I get it that would rob a 7-11 wouln't use google or the Search option to find info if there wasn't the it haha
They probably wouldn't.

Even if they did, restricting the unverified users makes it alot more difficult for them to find a Canadian retailer (As all reputable retailers are conveniently listed at the top of the page).
Let me throw my two cents in. I'm 40, not age verified and currently only play (when I can make the time) at TAC. So far, I've never run into an age verifier there and have never met one.

Now on top of that, I run a really stinkin' busy business and do a bunch of volunteer work. I honestly don't have the three or so hours I figure it takes to get age verified, and if I did I'd rather spend them at TAC or doing something else. So I make the choice to live without those sections of the classifieds.

But I do appreciate the fact that this site gives me a list of reputable retailers which also saves me time and money, by putting me onto worthwhile people to deal with. Actually if you think about it, if the retailers listed are reputable (and I have been pleased with the one I have dealt with) and underage kids try to use them, you are funnelling the minors to the dealers most likely to deny them access. This seems like a good thing to me.

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