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Originally Posted by GraveTech
You run a restaurant business that caters peanut laden goodies. Lets say 5% of your customers don't know they are allergic to peanuts and have alergic reactions in your restaurant. Now you have posted signs everywhere that there is peanut and realted stuff in your goodies (heck, maybe the place is named Peanut heaven!) Ok now I see that some people are getting reactions from your food so I decide to stop everyone going to the store unless they first get a blood test done by my lab. How would you feel?
I'd leave the store open. It's their own fault if they decide to eat something they're allergic to. Their stupidity does not adversely affect you or any other person (Except themselves...) for that matter.

Now if you give a kid an Airsoft pistol and he holds up a 7-11 with it, it's going to be all over the news... and yet another bad rap for Airsoft.

Your example is irrelevant and sucks.
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